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Detective agency "Private detective"

Ability to work with clients, incognito

We conduct investigations for anonymous customers

Our credo -

  • We try to stick to these rules, which are not our invention, but the credo of all self-respecting detective agencies:
  • - all traded guarantee confidentiality, we do not share customer information received from third parties
  • - We do not mislead customers about the prospects of the order and its results


Thank you very much for your help. I myself would have never found a way out of this difficult situation. You are true professionals.


- Natasha


We thank all the employees of the agency that helped in time to protect our son from a bad environment. I do not know what could result in such of his acquaintance.


- Familie Pisarev
Surveillance of the person through the phone

As much as some of us would sometimes break into someone else's phone, and just watch the life of man: what he lives with whom and what communicates with whom appointments. But it is simply impossible because of illegality.

Price lie detector test

Naturally, anyone who calls or just plans to ask the detective agency is very concerned about the issue of how much it will cost our services.

Would you like to order the service anonymously? Call us. Confidentiality is assured.

Detective Agency "Private Investigator Greece"

Services of private detectives is always in great demand, but not many know that they have such a unique opportunity - just a few hours to solve the most acute problem throughout his life. Today, thanks to the Internet and the media, more and more people recognize that it is necessary to make only one phone call to make the identification of her husband's infidelity, or to organize a search for people who had not seen for many years. And if you are in a situation which would require the participation of the whole team of specialists, you will certainly need to call only detective agency "Private Investigator Greece."

The area of our work

Our detective agency is unique in that we work all over Greece. So if you live in any other country, but you'll need to solve the problems on one of the islands of Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Mykonos, Santorini, Kos, you can rely on us. Also, besides the fact that we operate in southern Greece (Loutraki, Evia, Glyfada, Vouliagmeni, Peloponnese), or in Northern Greece in Halkidiki, we are always ready to help you if you require the services of private investigators in any other country in the world. This is due to the fact that we work closely with our colleagues around the world. And that is what allows us to take up a solution to the issues that can handle not every private detective.
Detective Agency in Greece makes no restrictions on its customers and is ready to work with absolutely everyone who needs our help. Among our clients are not only private individuals, but a lot of companies of different levels and scales, many of which we are working on a permanent contract basis. Our detective agency includes in its membership not only employees of private investigation, but also a guard, experts in information security, medical experts, psychologists, lawyers, graphologists. And this is not the entire list of professionals who are part of our detective agency.

Each private investigator in Greece, who works in our team, was excellent training in law enforcement. And in addition to that, all our employees are constantly improving their skills, watching technical developments in the modern world, with the advent of new equipment or new solutions to a particular problem. All this is a guarantee that our private detective agency is committed to working exclusively on results rather than simply work out their money, making the appearance of professional activity.

To order the services of a detective, you do not need to come to our detective agency, if there is no such possibility. Simply call and our private detective himself would come at a convenient place for you, or to discuss all the details on the phone, and then quickly begin its work. The cost of a private detective is calculated in each case individually. If you want to know exactly how much it will cost you a private investigator, just call us and explain the essence of your problem.

But we can definitely say to you that if you want the private investigator did all the work on the cost to be declared, then you need to contact our detective agency.


List of cities served